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SSL Certificates – Free With Beamsco Hosting

Regarding a letter recently sent out to all Vermilion Advantage members, we’d like to make sure our clients know that Beamsco offers FREE SSL certificates with all hosting. There’s no need to run out and spend $30-$80/yr for this service. While we do offer the certificate for free, moving a site from http to https is a timely process and service fees will be applied. […]

Village of Bismarck – New site by Beamsco

Bismarck is located near the Illinois and Indiana border in rural Vermilion County, just west of the Wabash River valley and east of the Vermilion River’s North Fork, and Illinois’ first highway, Illinois Rt 1. Visit The Village of Bismarck’s Website

Emerald Enchantments Photography – New Site by Beamsco

From The Enchanted Stacey: If you’re a bride or groom wanting us to capture your wedding day, we kind of love that just fyi! It’s important to us.. You are important to us. We love knowing our clients, meeting for lunch & helping you plan your wedding. Call me & let’s chat all things wedding. We specialize in Weddings & Portraits {generally family portraits} Our […]

Danville YMCA – New site by Beamsco

“Within the available resources of the Danville Family YMCA, we will provide services for any youth or adult who desires to participate, regardless of their ability to pay the established membership, class, or program fees.” The Young Men’s Christian Association of Danville, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to providing services that are based on Judeo-Christian principles and that enable all persons, regardless of race, religion, […]

Rose Feeds The Children – New site by Beamsco

Every weekend, thousands of school aged children go without food. Without school supplied breakfasts and lunches, they simply go without. When Mrs. Rose Gates heard this statistic in 2010, she decided to make it her mission to feed the hungry children in Danville, Illinois. Rose Feeds The Children started in 2010 with 50 children. With the help of countless supporters, the program now feeds more […]

BEAMSCO’s New CEO To Spend Time Behind Bars

Mere months after her takeover, Christina Hardwick, BEAMSCO’S new CEO, is facing time behind bars. “I’ll be getting locked up on November 9th, 2016,” said Hardwick. “I’m trying to get my bail money together before I become a Jailbird in Vermilion County’s MDA Lock-Up event.” Hardwick is doing a little time, to do a lot of good! She’s getting ‘locked-up’ to join in the fight […]

WARNING: Clients are calling about Dex, Hibu, Phone Book webs, & other national marketing companies!

Well you guessed it, it has finally come down to this.. We have been talking with some of our current clients and of course prospective ones, and I have even sat in on a couple of these companies’ sales pitches to our clients. Customer opinions and ours is these are some hard pushy sales people. As I sat in listening to his sales pitch (let me […]

Is Your Website Outdated

Is Your Website Outdated? Do you have any of the following issues? BEAMSCO addresses several problematic internet issues affecting some websites each day!We are now in our 14th year providing Internet Marketing services to our many clients including initial website production, maintenance; web updates, previous revisions, mobile versions of present webs, and changes to websites affecting Search Engine Optimization status. We have seen many issues […]

New Website Design

As with all things for the new year, BEAMSCO is getting ready to roll out a new website,  a new batch of products and services to help our customers get a jump into business. Dont miss out on the changes that happen everyday on the internet. From mobile to drones BEAMSCO plans on being at the forefront of these evolving technologies and hope to bring […]

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