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Your company started a Facebook Page. That’s great! But how are you driving traffic and how are you turning friends into sales or leads? Your company is on Twitter. Way to go! But are you building a meaningful following that will promote your company? How are you engaging an audience on Twitter and starting a conversation with them? BEAMSCO answers all of these questions with our time-tested solutions. Our services have proven to produce results and drive traffic, sales, and revenue for our clients:

Don’t just advertise to your customers… FaceBook with them!

Over one billion users worldwide Facebook is more than just a fad—it’s an excellent way to promote your business! BEAMSCO lets you join the conversation and stay connected with your current and future customers… with ease. We know how to connect with your potential customers, how to keep them engaged and promote a positive presence!

Optimized Twitter Campaign

Twitter is an essential tool for a company to engage its audience and to build a conversation with the people that matter. Twitter is not a place to blast advertisements; instead, the benefits of using Twitter are to create a community and following around the 1aaasocial-mediacompany brand. BEAMSCO will not only create the Twitter profile, design the background, but we will teach the you how to use Twitter or we can manage an explosive social media campaign for you.,

Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, and so many more…

When used effectively, Social Bookmarking sites and Social Networks are great tools to use to spread a message and articles. The first step is to write a high-quality post; the next step is to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and more to spread your company message. BEAMSCO will develop and execute on a strategy to produce high-quality, entertaining content that social media users love and value.

No content or message can be guaranteed to go “viral.” However, by using our validated methods, a company is able to drive traffic to a site and position itself to gain fans and evangelists by becoming an authority figure in its industry.