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About Us

Founded in 2001

Marketing and Designing Websites Into The Future

BEAMSCO’s team first provided internet related business services in 1995, but has experience dating back to 1971, in the establishment and promotion of small businesses. This experience includes business brokering and evaluations.

Since 2001, BEAMSCO has created & developed websites full-time for retail, industrial, & service businesses; websites for governmental, public and private organizations, non-profits, personal & special interest websites are also part of our portfolio.


Founder – Stephen E. Foster

From 1983, Foster operated Foster Aviation Corporation. Foster was a Certified Commercial Pilot and an FAA Certified Flight- Instrument and Muti-engine Instructor. He sold his aviation services business at age 57.

In 1996 he founded BEAMSCO (Business E-commerce Applications & Marketing Services COmpany), brokering the sales and purchases of small businesses in the Midwest.

In October of 2000 BEAMSCO expanded to provide E-commerce service to businesses in the areas of computer and internet services, providing websites and local business directories (starting 2001), hosting and internet marketing services. Foster, since June 2016, is active as an outside Sales & Service Consultant on a limited basis.


Where are your website company offices located?

BEAMSCO’s main office is located in Danville IL and has been for 15 years. BEAMSCO prides itself on being locally owned and operated.

We work with clients anywhere in the world. If a face to face meeting is what you prefer and you are not in the Illiana area, our website design company staff will travel to your office.

What kind of websites and other work does your website company perform?

BEAMSCO provides a wide array of website services, from design to development and search engine optimization (SEO). Our most popular service is to design and build custom, search engine optimized websites with responsive webpages that are viewable on all screen sizes. We also offer logo design and other graphic design and marketing services.

What types of businesses/companies does your website company have experience working with?

BEAMSCO has experience working with many different types and sizes of businesses and organizations. This includes medical, non profits, restaurants, mechanical, industrial, legal, municipal and much more! While we have experience with all those types of businesses, if you are in the same field or a new industry, your website will be unique to what you do and who you are.

What will my website look like?

Every website our website company designs is unique. Without actually designing your site, we can’t tell you exactly what it will look like, but we can determine what it will feature. We work with you to determine what you like and don’t like in designs and use your feedback in our design concepts. Once your design is created, we will work with you to determine if anything needs to be changed and will make as many changes as necessary to get your design perfect!

Can you SEO my website and what kind of search engine rankings do you guarantee?

There are changes that can be made to some pre-existing websites to get you a better ranking. You might see changes in your search engine ranking with SEO changes made. However, the best possible website ranking is always seen with a website that is designed and planned to be search engine optimized from the beginning.

With  search engines, there is never a guarantee of results. BEAMSCO takes advantage of as many factors as possible to get you the best possible search engine ranking. However, no one knows all the factors used to determine ranking, and these factors are changing constantly.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in a new website or SEO services, give us a call at 217 442 0823 to get started. We will discuss all of your needs and we’ll work with you to put together a detailed scope. Once agreed upon, we will begin the design of your new website and keep working with you from there.

How much does a website or marketing cost?

BEAMSCO doesn’t have set packages, but rather design sites around what you want and need. Smaller sites that don’t require a lot of custom work will cost a lot less than those requiring extensive programming. Give us a call if you’re looking for an estimate for your site.

Do you offer website hosting?

BEAMSCO offers hosting on our dedicated servers. Server space is available for rent and we offer hosting discounts. Contact us to learn more.

What are your payment steps?

When building a custom site, we require a 50% deposit before work will begin. After your approval of the finished project and any final editing, you will be required to pay the remaining 50% before your website can go live to the public.

How can I contact BEAMSCO?

Office: 3716 N Vermilion St Danville IL 61832

Mail: P O Box 204 Danville, IL 61834 -0204

Phone: 217 442 0823

Send a message through our contact form.