SSL Certificates – Free With Beamsco Hosting

Regarding a letter recently sent out to all Vermilion Advantage members, we’d like to make sure our clients know that Beamsco offers FREE SSL certificates with all hosting. There’s no need to run out and spend $30-$1000/yr for this service. While we do offer the certificate for free, moving a site from http to https is a timely process and service fees will be applied. […]

BEAMSCO’s New CEO To Spend Time Behind Bars

Mere months after her takeover, Christina Hardwick, BEAMSCO’S new CEO, is facing time behind bars. “I’ll be getting locked up on November 9th, 2016,” said Hardwick. “I’m trying to get my bail money together before I become a Jailbird in Vermilion County’s MDA Lock-Up event.” Hardwick is doing a little time, to do a lot of good! She’s getting ‘locked-up’ to join in the fight […]

BEAMSCO Celebrates 15th Anniversary and is Transitioning to New Ownership

Dear Friends and Clients, After fifteen years we are activating our BEAMSCO continuation plan. Founder Steve Foster will retire and continue as a Sales Associate, and consultant on a limited basis. Employee Christina Hardwick will be assuming day to day operations, and acquire the business. No other changes, as far as addresses and phone numbers, have occurred. In the Office hours are generally 9AM to […]

Seems, every time we need help we start over with someone new…

Companies both large and small seem to realize the value more and more of close relations with their web and marketing developers. Unlike many international internet marketing groups, like the various shades of yellow pages (and books), web developers must be quickly accessible and dependable for quick updates and personal tutoring for clients who have staff maintaining part of their websites. New clients coming to […]

Late Spring activity continues as June is strong!

Like May, we have seen an increase in internet marketing. For the first time in nearly 15 years we are pressed to complete revisions and new websites for our area. We made some reorganization changes in mid May that look promising for 2015 and on. In one area, we have added to our staff two new associates one is great on WordPress and related content […]

BEAMSCO has seen a very active May

It seems business activity is picking up for our current clients this spring, we are working on new client websites as well. Check out our portfolio additions for May. We have several webs to wrap up and they will appear in our June portfolio additions.

Feedback about our March Post re: Dex, Hibu, Phone Book web contracts, etc….

So many comments and concerns about that post we suggest you read it again before it moves down in our Monthly Commentaries and you miss it! Lot’s of folks read it “just in time,” they said!

WARNING: Clients are calling about Dex, Hibu, Phone Book webs, & other national marketing companies!

Well you guessed it, it has finally come down to this.. We have been talking with some of our current clients and of course prospective ones, and I have even sat in on a couple of these companies’ sales pitches to our clients. Customer opinions and ours is these are some hard pushy sales people. As I sat in listening to his sales pitch (let me […]

Is Your Website Outdated

Is Your Website Outdated? Do you have any of the following issues? BEAMSCO addresses several problematic internet issues affecting some websites each day!We are now in our 14th year providing Internet Marketing services to our many clients including initial website production, maintenance; web updates, previous revisions, mobile versions of present webs, and changes to websites affecting Search Engine Optimization status. We have seen many issues […]