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Our Area’s Full Line of Professional IT Services

BEAMSCO’s Business Directory at lists a number of established Internet Technology companies in our ILLIANA area for complete Internet Technology services for networking, computer repair, clean up-virus removal and installations. We have used some of these companies in the past with satisfactorily results. While BEAMSCO can not be responsible for any third party providers services, of course, you can call us to assist you with an appointment by providing quick and professional service referrals based on your specific needs and our personal experiences. Several companies provide services for one time virus removal, crashes, factory resets, or Windows re-install,etc. Call us to help you set up a service call @ 217 442 0823. Local professional IT services help you maintain your infrastructure and can be customized to support your unique needs throughout the technology life-cycle.

Browse our suggestions by category to learn more about ongoing services in our area.

Several companies deliver innovative IT consulting in the following areas:services2

  • Small & Medium Business IT Solutions
  • Database Consulting and Business Intelligence Solutions:
  • SQL Server®
  • Business Intelligence
  • Microsoft® Access®
  • Custom Software Application Development and Enhancement
  • SharePoint® Collaboration Solutions
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Server, Networking & I.T. Security
  • Business Software Sales

Computer Network Support

Support service contract: Most of the companies today are IT enabled companies and these companies use local area networks for their day-to-day business operations. In other words, computer network becomes the backbone of their business operations. It is therefore very crucial that they have a healthy computer network that is fully functional and a network that is free from external threats. When you signup for computer network support service, your network will be monitored 24/7. Companies will help you set up firewalls that prevent third party intrusions. The nature and the scope of the services offered here vary based on customer requirements.

Server and Computer Setup

Similar to network support services, when you signup for server and computer setup services, your service provider will set up your intranet servers and internet servers depending on your requirements.Most IT servcies in Illinois and Indiana will also monitor the servers for unauthorized usage and the general server health for uninterrupted operations.

IT Infrastructure Management / Maintenance

When you signup with an IT infrastructure management servcie and maintenance, the scope of the service covers much larger spectrum whereby your IT services company takes care of everything relating to your company’s IT needs including but not limited to network monitoring and support services.