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Search engine optimization (SEO) is often the foundation of a search engine marketing campaign, as organic placement for the right terms is the best kind of marketing you can get.

SEO is simply the process of applying common sense and basic honesty to your approach and keeping in mind that you and the search engines share the same view. You want relevant traffic to your sites and that’s exactly what the search engine wants to give you, as long as you have the most relevant and popular site. We help you improve your site to meet the criteria search engines look for.

Search Engine Optimization – Tricks of the trade

Search engines today recognize tricks such as Key-word packing, invisible keywords and cloaking. Many engines today have spam detectors and are looking constantly for over optimization procedures. Of course, ethical search engine optimization techniques are labor intensive and time consuming but that is the way we prefer. As always technology has to take the blame for some of the practices deployed by search engine optimizers. Each day sees a plethora of search engine optimization tools that promise to produce astounding results in a few hours. They only end up soaking the bandwidth of the search engine and its processing resources.

We don’t consider “Search Engine Optimization” process as something secretive, something to be withheld. Understanding how search engines work, the methodologies used and choosing the right key phrases which is absolutely fundamental to the whole process.

We consider Search Engine Optimization as an education where we impart knowledge into our team of executives. Practices that don’t deliver have to be discarded away and an interactive dialogue often leads to an idea that needs a hand on approach. An initial approach would include:

  • Understand the primary areas of your business and evaluate your web site for its focus areas which shall help us steer your business in the right direction.
  • Scrutinize your site structure through the customer’s perspective and if necessary modify the content matter and navigation changes if any.
  • Analyze the current status of the website on search engines.
  • Strategize the positioning of the website on search engines.