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From the Ground up, at your disposal are the most Sophisticated Software Solutions and Expert Online Consulting. We specialize in Award Winning Quality Execution and Rapid Deployment of Personalized and Manicured Websites.

Services provide site analysis, concept development, user interface pages Shopping Carts and/or complete websites, special programming, internet marketing experience, and a full range of hosting of Sites and Online Storage. We also provide many pre-scripted modular features businesses need to get their organization's websites and revisions online in minimum time, and at minimum cost.

We offer tutoring and instructional help on operational problems, software, and internet use.

We also provide SSL Secure Certificates. Set up and renewal services. 256 bit encrypted and secure for shopping carts and online personal informational sites.

BEAMSCO provides Professional Recruiting-staffing Services to employers through Spearhead Recruiting Inc, an international Staffing company. Staffing Services include Full Time or Temporary-shorter term technicians for computer hardware-software related functions, networking, custom script writers, Project Managers and internet-computer related Sales Staffing and Managment Recruiting. Fees based on wages.

Specially priced development and services  catering to our local Area Customers, Private and Commercial.
24-7 managed servers.
Website administrators quickly accessible seven days a week.


Before incurring initial costs and year after year renewals on  .com, .net type domains check with us first, we may save you money. Please read below...

Are you are ready for a .com or .net or .org, .us etc.  We will see what names are available for you. If you check on line, do not order your name from that site directly. BEAMSCO is able to acquire Domain names at substantial savings. We can acquire your domain for you and set it up on our secure server with a Control Panel for your site(s) (Please do not use "Low Cost" registering services because you may get "Low Quality" service and your domain registrar may be nearly inaccessible or difficult to contact and transfer to another host server for use by your webmaster).

We strongly suggest you consult with us first before buying a domain name.

Description of Services Rates Notes
Web site Maintenance

$55 Per  Hour

Website maintenance, revisions and editing.
Internet Consulting

$35 to $75 Per Hour

Evaluations, concepts, designs, site development, web graphics, and technology challenges
Special Programming

Please contact us for a quote

Java, cgi's, forms development, financial transactions and multimedia user interfaces. Shopping-Carts and Catalogs
Custom Web Graphics

Please contact us for a quote

Scanning, illustrations, photos, logos, toolbars, image maps and artwork
Research and Marketing

$35 to $75 Per Hour

Links, competition, registrations, announcements, research, advertising and strategy
Web site Hosting Please contact us for a quote Hosting fees depends on size and the number of programs attached to it. (Shopping Cart, catalog, Online Used car Lot, Forms, Menus) BEAMSCO maintains their own Name Server at NS.BEAMSCO.COM IP & NS1.BEAMSCO.COM IP - As a rule our server hostings-service rates are very low and you get local 24/7 server and back up help. See more on Hosting below.
Website Hosting (Continued) & Uploading to Search engines

Please contact us for a quote or see Hosting

Placement of your web site on our server allows us to make low cost changes for you, add new pages, add special announcement (user interface) pages that YOU submit changes to. We can also help you to be found on the web. We can create Meta tags and submit your site to several search engines to greatly increase your hits, visits and search engine pages locations.

Tutoring instructional Training and Technical Assistance 

Please contact us for a details

We are actively seeking people who are ready to launch an exciting and promising career, or just want to learn more about their computer operations. Let us show you the ropes as to how you can get the most out of your computer's software and navigate the web. Courses are given on a one to one basis and you will be learning hands on, using your own computer in your home. No stress, easy fees, Flexible schedules.
Banner Creation & Advertising

 Please contact for us for a plan
or see

If you already have a web site we will be happy to design a Special Banner for your business, (prices according to : animation, 3d effects, or static) In conjunction with other area media we offer mulit-website, multi-media banner hosting and advertising packages, according to size and contract duration.  Call us "we're here to help."

If you have any questions, or would like an estimate quote, you can Email Us
or call 217 442 0823 for more information. 

 BEAMSCO ~ Administrator & Primary Webmaster  Stephen E Foster. 


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