Danville YMCA

Danville YMCA

“Within the available resources of the Danville Family YMCA, we will provide services for any youth or adult who desires to participate, regardless of their ability to pay the established membership, class, or program fees.”

The Young Men’s Christian Association of Danville, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to providing services that are based on Judeo-Christian principles and that enable all persons, regardless of race, religion, income, gender or physical ability, to achieve their full potential in spirit, mind and body. Our mission is to put Christian principles into practice through programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all.

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Rose Feeds The Children

Every weekend, thousands of school aged children go without food. Without school supplied breakfasts and lunches, they simply go without.

When Mrs. Rose Gates heard this statistic in 2010, she decided to make it her mission to feed the hungry children in Danville, Illinois.

Rose Feeds The Children started in 2010 with 50 children. With the help of countless supporters, the program now feeds more than 200 children each week. Every penny received is used for the purchase of food.

BEAMSCO is proud to support such a wonderful program!

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Emerald Enchantments Photography

Emerald Enchantments Photography

From The Enchanted Stacey:

If you’re a bride or groom wanting us to capture your wedding day, we kind of love that just fyi! It’s important to us.. You are important to us. We love knowing our clients, meeting for lunch & helping you plan your wedding. Call me & let’s chat all things wedding.

We specialize in Weddings & Portraits {generally family portraits}

Our style is a classic timeless look. Our sessions are lifestyle orientated which means we want to capture REAL moments. Trust me when I say your family will love this!

Imagine your family spending time together on a beach somewhere, you’re all laughing happy, running in & out of the water, or building sand castles. This is the kind of thing we capture! We do pose you too, we do get those happy photos of your babies looking at the camera in the midst of all this. It just happens to be so organic they don’t even know they are doing what you wanted.

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City of Hoopeston

Hoopeston Illinois

Hoopeston is situated in the northernmost part of Vermilion County in Illinois.

Hoopeston, named after Thomas Hoopes, who donated the land on which the railroads were built, was the name chosen for the new village. It was incorporated in 1874. At that time, North Hoopeston and Leeds became additions as part of newly incorporated town.

The early history of Hoopeston since its beginnings in 1871, especially the parts that are no longer in existence, shows a way of life that revolved around downtown Hoopeston – Main, Penn and Market Streets, expanding the streets as the town grew. Everything was downtown.

Thank you to Emerald Enchantments Photography for providing some great featured images for Hoopeston’s website.

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WARNING: Clients are calling about Dex, Hibu, Phone Book webs, & other national marketing companies!

Well you guessed it, it has finally come down to this.. We have been talking with some of our current clients and of course prospective ones, and I have even sat in on a couple of these companies’ sales pitches to our clients. Customer opinions and ours is these are some hard pushy sales people. As I sat in listening to his sales pitch (let me remind you I just rebuilt one woman’s website, completely responsive and mobile) he tore the site apart claiming we didn’t have the technology.. really?  Steve aside, I have been in this industry for almost 20 years and I keep up on every new trend. Secondly, the salesman really pushed her paid advertising online, I mean huge budgets! Most of the companies we deal with are small business and I do my best to do their online marketing at a fair price.

Let me tell you about a local company that contacted me for help to get her out of her hibu contract. These people firstly never finished her website but had been billing her for 4 months. They also asked for a decent size down payment, and monthly payments of $99. So after I called hibu from her office for her they told me “sure they can cancel her contract” (which she then did), come to find out they still kept billing this poor woman, and did not refund the deposit. She had to contact her bank and spent weeks fighting their collections department. I wish there was more I could have done.

Another local client could not stop them from taking auto-withdraws from his bank account, even after many calls to cancel, the web was finally removed – but they owned his own company’s website address name (URL) and he lost it.

Just one more: One area client bought a restaurant that had a hibu yellow-book site with the former owner’s name and other incorrect information, even menu prices. The new owner called and canceled renewal of the old site and the yellow-book ad. After many subsequent calls the web is still live online and they will neither make corrections or remove the website. These businesses are all in the Danville area.

The best thing you can do if you work with big international companies like hibu, dex or whatever they will change their name to next… read and reread your contract. Make sure you can get out of it if you need to. watch out for their up-sells, it doesn’t matter to me if you decide to work with BEAMSCO or another local design company. My suggestion, shop around, don’t fall for their high pressure, buzzword ridden sales pitches. If you want to shoot me an email I’d be more then happy to see if there is anything we could do to help you TRY and get out of the contracts. Small business is what built this economy, and big business like them are running it into the ground

Don’t believe our clients or us? Look for yourself. Click the links below and see how some of these companies are taking others for every dime they can, initially and by the month for years.










Is Your Website Outdated

Is Your Website Outdated? Do you have any of the following issues?
BEAMSCO addresses several problematic internet issues affecting some websites each day!
We are now in our 14th year providing Internet Marketing services to our many clients including initial website production, maintenance; web updates, previous revisions, mobile versions of present webs, and changes to websites affecting Search Engine Optimization status. We have seen many issues appear with websites during this past decade…
Things Change Rapidly: Worldwide, and for many website owners and our clients too, we have seen some increasing website function issues, email security & email form problems issues, and other concerns, which we have been addressing for some time on a client by client basis. We feel it may be beneficial to consider any needed modifications on your website if following issues are present!
The Problem and issues: Over the past few years we have seen accelerated revisions of not only Operating Systems i.e: Windows 95, Windows 98, to later systems like Windows XP (which some of you still use) to Windows 7, Windows 8, and coming, Windows 10. Mac users have seen similar changes. Browsers also have changed continuously with all the Windows versions from IE7 to IE10, and new-comers like Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.
To add to the issues, modern wide screen monitors and various monitor appearance settings distort some web appearances, and new smart phones hinder readability of many webs on their small screens, requiring that we also construct a second mobile web application for corrected readability and appearance on cell phones. Many users nowadays rely nearly 100% on their cell phones for all internet activity.
The Results: Many of us with websites are experiencing continuing issues of Compatibility & Compliance and also increasingly obsolete initial website creation software that were state of the art just a few years ago. The result is occasionally older websites and forms no longer may appear and function like they once did when using these newer Browsers and operating systems. Also there have been security issues under certain conditions.
To Add More to the problem: Search engines like Google, Yahoo, BING, etc have ambiguous rules and formulas to determine how a website will be ranked, or who gets on the first page of the search engine results. The very rules that we used for our new websites from 2001 to recently have been modified or even reversed. This is why you get so many emails offering SEO services (Search Engine Optimization). This can be an expensive fix when done separate of new website creation, and SEO requires a great deal of expertise and work to bring sites to 80% or 100% compatible range.
What BEAMSCO has done & is doing right now about this, and why you need to see us or your webmaster: BEAMSCO website’s average age is about five (5) years since the initial build; how old is your site?. Many of the sites no longer have a “modern” look. Over the past five years we have seen exponential expansions of issues affecting older websites. We have updated many of our older websites last year and this year, including our own website you are now viewing – please visit our sample portfolio links on the bottom of our Home page, or the Portfolio sample page, to allow you to view a few of our more recent websites, and to give you an idea of a newer look.
What’s Next: We suggest you contact us for a free consultation. If you need revisions just call us and we will work you into our current schedule.
Last: If you are satisfied with your website look and search engine results, we see no reason (at the present time) for some of you to have to update your site; it could function well enough for your purposes for some time. But many of you may want to change text on pages and/or photos, and add new features, like the ability to make many changes of text and photos yourself; if this is your case, this would be a good opportunity for a state of the art modernization, and perhaps a mobile web application installed too.

We currently offer revisions, Mobile web versions, and SEO work at reduced bundled rates…give us a call at 217 442 0823




PhotoSTEEL is the exclusive developer of an environmentally-friendly, patented process to bond high resolution color graphics permanently to a custom shaped metalsubstrate.

The proprietary PhotoSTEEL process has been developed over several years by the merging of traditional industrial, metal-working processes with computer-aided graphic design techniques.

The founders of PhotoSTEEL each have over twenty years of background in these industry specializations. PhotoSTEEL “Making Memories Permanent”

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Danville Area Rentals

Danville Area Rentals

Danville Area Rentals, is a locally owned company that offers leasing and property management services for residential and commercial properties in Vermillion County, covering Danville, Westville, Tilton and surrounding areas.

Our management team has more than 20 years of experience in the business, and the knowledge to help you make the best choice for your future home needs.

Danville Area Rentals, is the internet portal for Home Buyers Perspective’s rental properties. We work closely with Vermilion county’s VA programs and section 8 requirements.

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Greg Clingan Auction & Real Estate

Greg Clingan Auction Real Estate

A 3rd Generation Auctioneer Since 1907

Greg Clingan has been conducting auctions in Western Indiana & Eastern Illinois since 1981. Based in Covington Indiana, Greg Clingan Auction & Real Estate has auctioned off millions of dollars of real estate and merchandise.

We can auction everything from household goods, antiques, farm land, and livestock.

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